Writing Letters

Recently I downloaded a free Kindle book by Jim Meisenheimer.  Mr. Meisenheimer has written several books about having your own business and selling and time management.  The couple I have read I have found very inspiring.  In one book he talked about the business Rule of 5: five calls, five emails, five letters a day.  I’ve read this in a few other places and follow through with this as much as I can, some days being easier than others.  

Today I sat down, said no computer, until I wrote a couple of letters.  One I still haven’t finished but two others I completed.  The completed ones I wrote to people who I have started letters to but never finished.  It’s time to take this challenge of five letters a day.  I love my computer but often find it distracting.  I just spent an hour going through my news feed.  My news feed isn’t advocating for me except when I share interesting articles pertaining to what I do….and my hobbies and volunteer work, of course.

I’ve also started making a list of the people I want to write letters to.  I have some people to thank for many things; one of my letters today was a long overdue thank-you letter.  There have been so many people who have helped me, I think of one person and then think of someone else.  Some people I need to write and say “no hard feelings.”  One of the best ideas I have come up with is to send the people who don’t like you a Christmas card or the like.  (This is my idea, you steal, and I will find you.) Remind the people who don’t like you that you are still out there.  Also, there are the people I haven’t heard from in a while who aren’t on any of my social networks.

One observation I’ve noticed, and Mr. Meisenheimer commented on this as well, that I’ve gotten more response through letters and handwritten notes than email.  It has a more personal touch to it and I know I love getting mail.

The irony of the letter idea is that recently a relative whom I used to correspond with a lot more sent me a letter.  I started, stopped, started again using three different pens.  It took me a bit with life interruptions.  But I finally sent my reply,a month later.

I’m hoping not to have a stack sitting here a month late.




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