Fear and Fright

These two words have come up several times in the last several days.  What do you most fear?  What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?  These are the questions that are coming through my feed.  The last time I was reading topics of this vein I ended up at the police station a few days later because the convicted drug felon we live next to was outside yelling at me that I am crazy.  I remember reading somewhere that I would make a cosmic leap.  I sure did.

I’m not announcing to the world what my biggest fear is.  I spoke it out loud last night for the first time and feel better just saying it.  Am I ready to confront it?  Yes, and move on.  Fear and fright are a normal part of life and many people make their livings trying to help others relieve those fears.  If you think about them too much, it’s overwhelming.  The best thing one can do is keep living life and move on.  I’ve never let fear dictate my life in huge ways.  Yes, like every other human being, I have had times and do have times I am afraid: it’s part of being human.  I’ve reacted and then depending on the outcome, things either changed or went back to “normal” as much as possible.  I don’t want to attract fear.  I’ve always believed that if you project that you are afraid of whatever, you just bring more negativity into your life.  People who thrive on people being afraid of them and on fear and negativity tend to weasel their ways into people’s lives who invite fear and negativity.  That’s why “no, thank you” is a very important expression and should be used very frequently.

I will be the first person to tell you that I am more than happy to go bungy-jumping any day.  I love the new.  I always love trying new things, new experiences, being with people I know and meeting new people.  I don’t like when relationships or experiences end on a negative note but fear is the thing that keeps people from moving on and staying in abusive relationships. 

Take a deep breath and make that cosmic leap today.  There is nothing to fear.


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