“Reading” “Treasure Island”

Up until this point in my life, I have never read Treasure Island.  The reason I picked it up was due to a followup after reading a book on pirates with two family members.  The first book was about real-life pirates and they referenced Treasure Island.  Up until this point, and even being an English major in college, I never thought to read it.  I know I have a copy somewhere.  My “reading” right now is an audiobook in between errands.

Right now I’m about half way through.  I’m enjoying it and it is holding my attention, and my family member’s attention, more than I thought it would.  

I’ve learned a lot of cultural references, that I can definitely say.  Again, I’m not giving anything away.

If the thought of reading it, whether in paper or electronic, gives you the shivers (har, har), find an audio copy at your library.  It will be well worth it.


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