In my hands….

I’m writing this while volunteering, waiting for the next call, so it may be stopped in the middle.

I’ve taken a few days off.  A few weird things happened in regards to the business.  Someone was digging around in my old posts and reading them.  Come out, come out, whoever you are.  You were reading a post of mine from April.  

Thanksgiving was fine.  I volunteered the evening shift.  Nothing exciting.  I don’t go shopping on Black Friday.  If I have no reason to be out, I don’t go.  I did go grocery shopping later and that was the farthest I was going.

A neighbor stopped me Saturday night as he was walking his dog and I was bringing out garbage.  We were talking about politics because he’s involved in local politics.  In one of my other lives, I worked for politicians and told him to be ready for the crazy meetings he’s about to take on.  We also discussed other life subjects.

Later on I was musing about some of what we talked about.  Some of what I mentioned I rarely talk about or haven’t mentioned in years.  My neighbor shares a medical condition with a family member of mine.  We discussed that for a little and how my family member having the condition has influenced a lot of choices in my life.  I think about this particular family member every once in a while and how a twist of fate changes everything.    

My life is my hands.  With my patients, their lives are in my hands and those of my coworkers and other first responders.

It was something to mull over under the winter sky.


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