The Muse is Silent, Sometimes

Yesterday was a very upsetting day for me on a personal level.  I’m not going to discuss it here because I have no wish to.  All I can say is that some stress has been building for a while.  When stress hits, it goes one of two ways: Muse either starts singing or she doesn’t. Lately the stress has been causing the Muse for this to be silent.  I’ve been reading other blogs and actually finished reading a book and started another one.  I’ve also been working on gift projects.  One project is a scarf and I have some sewing and another blanket I’m working on in addition to everything else.

Maybe Muse has been working through my projects and that is the silence on other ends?

The book I finished reading is Adam Corolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  I’m not usually one for male, raunchy humor but I have to admit I loved the book and will recommend it.  Sometimes I like books like Mr. Corolla’s the best: straightforward, no holes barred.  Claw and scratch your way to the top and the mistakes along the way.  I appreciate his honesty and openness.  I’m going to try and get his other book.

What else is everyone reading these days?


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