All in Perspective

So, I was thinking about some things for about a half hour this morning and then a few minutes later as I was taking a long and much needed walk.  I get no feedback on my blog postings except for someone once in a while who says they read one.  Am I that boring and that academic?  What makes you, the reader, want to read this?  I don’t like talking too much about my personal life, especially when I am trying to look for work.  I have decided to shift my focus for right now.  Maybe it’s time to start dishing some dirt.

One of my favorite blogs is Scary Mommy.  Do I agree with everything she does or says?  No.  Do people agree with everything I say or do?  Not really.  Do I drink?  Does three sips of beer for the whole month of December count?  Some things I see, hear, and otherwise experience would scare Scary Mommy right out of her pants.

Everybody sees me as some total snot nosed academic who sits and knits and crochets and does art when time and feeling actually come together.  Well, not all the time.  I’m the EMT who sits quietly in the corner while everyone else is discussing their sex lives, or lack thereof, between calls on a “slow” shift.  Yes, people do notice us quiet ones.  I’m the person who needs to lose a few pounds in order to get a career I want and my bucket list would probably make a lot of people nervous.  

Yes, I do give people the finger and I do swear.  I apologize to those who squirm when I do it but do damn bad.  Free country, free speech.  I gave one neighbor the finger recently as they were pulling into their driveway but they couldn’t see from where I was standing.  They are in bed with the lovely drug dealer next door, some days I believe both figuratively and literally.  I already flipped them the finger once when they were pulling around a corner and I was out for a walk.  They jumped out of their car and told me how “unneighborly” I was being.  They keep waving to me every time they drive by as if waving to me absolves them of what they have done and their complicity with the drug dealer.  In their daily life, they take care of children.  I live with many monsters.


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