Pollution Expertise

A recent daily prompt asked about what would I invent to help stop pollution or get rid of it?

The answer is sitting in my backyard.  I have several sitting on my property and would love to add more.  When we moved in ten plus years ago, there were only a few, and now there are many.  The municipality we live in recently took one down on the curb.  On a gray, December day, the trucks came and took it down.  It was a sad day, but the tree was cracking in half and when it came down, the brown circles of death were very obvious.  The good part about not liking to mow the lawn, another small tree is already growing in it’s spot.  I just hope when the municipality comes to stump grind, they don’t take the small tree with it.

The answer is simple: plant trees.  They are inexpensive to buy and relatively easy to plant, depending on the size.  They add value to the house and property.  People ask how industrial wastelands can be fixed:  plant trees.  They give us oxygen, suck up pollution, give us shade, cool the area, and always add value.  They can be small or big.

During this coldest time of year, dream of planting a tree.  When the first thaw comes, plant, plant, plant.  Plant for you and the future.


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