Welcome January

I have a little New Year’s tradition every year.  Old calendars down, new calendars up.  Today was also a cleaning day.  Halloween and holiday items were packed away and the more generic winter themed items came out.

New Year’s Day has always been kind of a get-back-to-normal, whatever that is, type of day.  A quiet day.

I’ve given up making resolutions.  Last year I welcomed 2013 in by having a sip to the old year while blogging what I wished.  I realized later that was a mistake.  Life took too many different turns.  Resolutions have never worked.  Instead, this year I took out a huge piece of paper, wrote “2014” in the center with a circle around it.  From there I started writing what I want to work on/ learn/ accomplish/ go back to this year.  I keep adding things here and there.  I’ll write more about this as the year and days go on.

My significant other pointed out it was two years ago today I stated I was going to fulfill something I’d put on the backburner for years: go and get my EMT certification.  Now I sit here typing this, waiting for the tones to go off.  Dare I say, it’s quiet tonight.  Four hours on shift to go.

Welcome 2014, one of many different types of calendars in my life.  All I ask is that you be a good, full, life-affirming one: full of prosperity, health, wellness, safety, peace, being in the right place at the right time, and bringing what is needed into life.


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