And the application goes to….

One of my “resolutions” for this year is to fill out one job application a day.  I just printed one out a few minutes ago but I’m not going to count it until I actually fill it out.  The deadline for the position is the end of January.  Recently I filled out an application for a dishwashing position at a local restaurant chain.  The application took about five minutes and the personality assessment about half-an-hour.  I never heard anything yet I actually want to work there.  I guess the application is tied up and they will call me tomorrow.  I can tell you, and many people can vouch, I’m an expert at washing dishes.  Yet I guess running your own business and being an EMT puts you out of the potential running, or was it all the questions about how people view your leadership skills, or potential lack of leadership skills?  I can say this, prospective employers, once you hire me, I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve had periods in my life where I’ve worked several jobs at once.  It doesn’t phase me.  I just need enough time, and a bathroom to change clothes, to go from one to the other.

If nothing becomes available, or I miss getting a job because I screw up during the interview, the next step is either bartending school or real estate school.  Who says I can’t sell my own house while mixing martinis in the backyard?


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