First Monday Back

Today was kind of like the end of a long party season: the first Monday back after New Year’s and Christmas.  The emails and a phone call came in about everything being behind.  I sit here and wait patiently.

I worked on a job application and realized for the first time in a long time, I have done, and do, a lot more than I sometimes give myself credit for.  One thing is lots of volunteer work, that is for sure.  It’s painful writing in all those zeros when asked for salary earned.  Yet the main point is that I’ve earned and deserve recognition for the experience I have gained.  I also began my own cover letter, the first I’ve done for myself in a while.  Again, it made me realize how much I’ve accomplished.

The one thing I’ve never liked about cover letters, and I know this is why the majority aren’t read, only scanned, is the coldness.  I was sitting here writing it out longhand, pen and scrap paper, and all I want is a name, some way to say, hello, this is the real me who is writing this.  This is the person behind the resume and pages of paperwork.

Everything I wrote will sit overnight and I’ll look at it with different eyes in the morning.  The due date is the end of the month.  I want to send it in and not think about it.  My experience has been if you don’t think about something, nice surprises always seem to happen or the situation always seems to work out for the best in unexpected ways.  Just let it go.

A month from now here in the Northern Hemisphere the days will be about thirty minutes longer and this first Monday back may seem like just a fog, but it will be a good one.


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