Observations on observations

Yesterday morning I went to a workshop on life skills, so to speak.  I’ll go into more details later on some of the specific topics.  One of the speakers is a gentleman who self-published a book about finding personal growth and happiness in your working life.  Afterwards he was talking with one of the other attendees.  They stood there and talked, barely acknowledging my being there.  That was fine because I wanted to hear them talk.  Neither person was in public speaking mode so the conversation just flowed naturally.  When conversations flow naturally is one of the best times to learn something, even when people know you are nearby.

Observe, observe, observe.

We forget that as children and that children learn from observation.  We also forget that as adults we learn from observation as well. People tend to think of observation as standing back and just watching, yet is also soaking in what is being said and the environment around you.  Life in public service means always being aware of your surroundings and what people are, or are not, saying to you. Teaching requires knowing what type of student you have in front of you and how to help them learn the way that is best for them.

Observe, observe, observe.

You may just learn something you never thought possible or something that may save you later on.


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