Planting Tulips in January

I bought a few bags of tulips last year and had been storing them.  I guess I was storing them wrong (too much sun? too warm?) because the buds were starting to pop out.  I was hoping to wait until a thaw and plant them but now I can’t. Polar vortex or no polar vortex, they have to go in and soon. I only have three bags left.  

The ground under the frozen leaves was actually able to be dug and somewhat able to be sifted.  They’re planted and I hope the advertisement on them that the squirrels don’t like them is true or I will cry.  I had that happen to me the first time I ever tried planting tulips: all but one was eaten.  The white tulip that survived came up all by its lonesome self the next spring and survived many years until it too was finally eaten.  My next experience was planting tulips in February during a long warming period about nine years ago. After work one night I came home and by the light of the flood light I planted them and they have been coming up since.  I remember the soil being soft between my fingers and marveling that it felt more like April than February as I frantically put them in.

Now I wait for these.  I hope they’re settling in and I hope they all make it.  Planting them was a reminder that what we do today affects tomorrow and that even in the coldest of the cold and barest of the bare, beauty lies in unexpected places.


2 thoughts on “Planting Tulips in January

  1. Gardening is hard like that. There’s lots of wildlife in my area, although not squirrels, and the garden needs a MOAT or something to keep it safe. I hope your tulips survive and thrive!


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