Fast Forward

What date would I want to land in or know about in the future?  I honestly don’t know.

We went to an open house today and caught the real estate agent as she was about to leave.  It is a house I actually want.  It’s my favorite style of house.  It has a smaller yard and shares a driveway and I will miss my apple trees, but more can be planted.

What will be happening a year from today?  I don’t even remember what was going on a year ago this day.

Maybe one year from now.  I can look back on this blog post that I’m writing while waiting for the tones to go off.  I’m sure I will be writing many more of these.  Will I still be in the same house?  Will I have found a job and will I be working there?

Or maybe I’ll just worry about tomorrow and the constant list of things I have lined up and worry about next year when it happens.


One thought on “Fast Forward

  1. Live in the moment! Why waste your life on worries of tomorrow’s when you can live your life now. Just make sure to broaden your search and get the big yard for lots of apple trees. 😀


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