Outside Looking In

There is a woman in our neighborhood who trains dogs for a living and walks back and forth twice a day with the dogs in her care. There are people who come to scavenge for redeemables (if your state doesn’t do this, I highly recommend you start a campaign to have them on recyclable bottles and cans).  There are the dog walkers, the homeboys, the people who come and go, live, breathe and barely a word is said between them.  I sit here and watch this everyday as I work on my business and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

I may not be on the outside, but I’m still on the outside looking in to other people’s lives.

I do this wherever I go and whatever I do whether it’s tutoring, resumes, job coaching, life coaching, or EMT.  I’m walking in at a certain moment of time in their lives.  I may know a little or nothing about them.  Yet the same is true in reverse.  One person once compared me to James Bond, they never knew what I was going to come out with next.

I remember reading the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton many moons ago.  In some respects, it’s time to go back and read it again. I went through phases where I tried to conform to whatever was being sought for and it never worked, so now I’m the quiet and not-so-quiet rebel sometimes.  I’ve learned rebellion is more than being bad and changing your clothes.  

Rebellion is being you.



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