Role Models

I’m reading this and hoping I haven’t written about this before.

Role models.  I like the sound of this and yet sometimes I cringe at the thought.  What exactly is a role model and why is the person a role model?

Today I had a conversation about rules and how rules govern most of what we do in life.  In some ways, role models are the same category.  I’ve been reading about Babe Ruth and the brother who trained him to be a great baseball player and then you read about Babe Ruth and go: yeesh.  Many years ago I watched the movie Cobb about the baseball player around the same time I was having difficulties at a job because those in charge wanted me to role model in the way they wanted, not who I am.  After watching the movie and reading a bit more about the real Cobb (I love you, Tommy Lee Jones, no offense),I realized they had nothing to say about how I live my life.

Yes, family is the first role model.  Yet as I always say, we learn from everyone and if we don’t, we need to re-examine ourselves and our lives.  And when I say everyone, I don’t mean the media, TV, movies: the people who you come in contact with everyday.  Learn from the good and the bad.  The way people walk, talk, dress, etc.  Make and choose your choices well, then go out and role model for others.


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