When you are comfortable….

you can do anything.

I found this fortune cookie paper today after it fluttered out of something.  A sign?  maybe.  It is true, when you are comfortable at something, you’re fine.  It is also true when you are comfortable, you can do anything.

As an interesting side note, recently I was skimming something about Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.  Anyone who has taken Intro to Psychology or Sociology or any class in a similar vein or has self-taught on the subject knows the class usually opens with this. One thing I didn’t know was that their are a few parts of the hierarchy that are left out in most high school and college texts.

I thought of Maslow when I read this.  Once basic needs are met, other parts of life can come and hopefully do come together.  This leads to a bigger question, what is comfortable?  We tend to think in the English mind frame with the word “comfortable.” Comfortable chairs, comfortable clothes, living comfortably, everyone has a different definition and different way of seeing this.  One person’s comfort may be another person’s poverty.

It also begs the question, am I comfortable?  I can answer, overall, yes, I am.  Am I the Great Gatsby?  No, but do I want to be?  No.

Overall I understand what this is saying.  If I’m not comfortable where I am, it is time to improve or move on.  If I am comfortable, I can do anything I need to.  It is time to get down to business.


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