Dreams: Part I

Last night I had a dream where my significant other came home and handed me a piece a paper with some information that I want on it. There’s no way they could ever get me this information, yet for some reason this is the way the dream played out.

I don’t talk much about my dreams.  I understand that there are many different views and beliefs what they signify.  I do occasionally look things up when I have a dream that even for me is unusual.  One time I even had a dream where someone who I had just found out that they had died was talking to me.  In my time with them, they wouldn’t have known me personally save an occasional “hello” and recognition.  I honestly don’t remember what was said. I hate those dreams that are so vivid they seem so real until reality breaks in.

Dreaming when asleep is another reason I don’t believe in the catchphrase that we only use 10% of our brains.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  Consciously, 10%, maybe.  Our brain is working 100% of the time whether or not we are fully cognizant of it at that moment. How much information am I taking in while sitting here typing this.  I know that changes if I’m exhausted or focusing heavily on one thing.  A lot of people I know talk about not being able to “shut their brain off” and one can’t fully because your brain is never truly “off.”

I wonder if I’ll be dreaming about this post tonight.


One thought on “Dreams: Part I

  1. When we are awake time is vertical so to say as in we live in the present only. We may thinkaabout past or future but live in the present moment. When we sleep time is horizontal. We now can live in the past, present, and future. But really dream time is really time to live in your spiritual realm. Don’t forget lucid dreams to!


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