News of the Day: January 24, 2014

I received word tonight one of clients “did very well” on her biology midterm today.  Made my day. It’s nerve wracking waiting to hear about test results.

I began reading a book on the life of volcanologists by Donna O’Meara.  Again, reading this, the thought crossed my mind, where have I missed out?  The recent reading spree on volcanoes occurred because I was over someone’s house and they a NOVA program on about Iceland’s many volcanoes.  How many years has it been since I read about volcanoes?  I remember talking about them in seventh or eighth grade.  Donna is someone right up my alley.  This refresher course has been nice.

Animal tracking also came into play.  Polar vortex redux or not, I took two family members down to the local beach and we walked around and went exploring.  We found an abandoned fishing net, bottles to redeem, and checked out the animal trackings in both the snow and sand.  We saw deer, both big and small, what looked to be rabbit, dog, and one set of tracks that looked like an animal that leaps: fox most likely. There is snow in beautifully small drifts and we watched the sun begin to set and even went to a part of the beach we usually don’t walk around to because it becomes marshy when the temperature is above freezing.  There have been snowy owl spottings but we didn’t see any today.

Tonight we saw some friends.

Hope all is well with you reading this.  Be well.


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