Words for Today

I am responsible to people, not for people. – Zig Ziglar

I read those words today in the book my significant other has and that I peruse on a regular basis: Success for Dummies.  I may have read them before but today they stuck out.  

I can give you the tools and it is your choice what to do with them.

Recently I find myself mulling this thought over.  A lot of what I do now is having responsibility for people: family members, patients.  In these cases, this changes.  When I did substitute teaching and other work along that line, again, the students were my responsibility for that amount of time.  Yet in those cases, this statement also applied because I gave people what they hopefully needed but I know not always wanted.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about book suggestions for a younger family member.  The family member only has, like many people, an interest in a specific area of literature and isn’t open right now to trying different things.  The person I was having the conversation with was trying to go through their own collection to find what they could for them.  I managed to give some ideas and websites where they could get more information.  Will the person I was talking to use the information?  I hope so.  This is as far as I can go.

It’s a mantra to remember.  I can’t live another’s life for them and can’t force certain things.  I can only give so much sometimes and then the frustration, burnout and burndown begins.  I don’t like reaching this point and when others have opened up and shared, they don’t either.  


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