Seeing Stars

The downside about winter is the cold, yet you can always see the stars more clearly in the wintertime than you can most of the time in the summer.  The moon’s glow, when there is one, always seems sharper.  I know there are people who bundle in many layers to gaze at the heavens and sometimes I envy their ability to be in the cold for so long.

Between yesterday and today I have begun cleaning out clothes.  I didn’t realize until now how much over the years I have accepted clothes from people, said thank you, and shoved them in something.  One person, who I know doesn’t read blogs, gave me a shirt set from Sprawl Mart that was too small on me for a special occasion that they had to be there for.  The shirt never fit correctly the one time I wore it.  Another set I got from someone else had the tee shirt with the too short arms and heavy shorts.  Bluh.  Why did I ever keep these?  I hate people who go to the fancy department stores, get their boxes, and then buy from Sprawl Mart and put those clothes in the fancy boxes.  Makes me feel cheap and cheapened.  

I always ask for money or hint that I would like it or say just don’t bring anything at all.  I hate cheap clothes, the way they make you feel cheap, and I hate when people ignore your requests for cash or gift cards so you can go and get what you want.

Especially this time of year I like the men’s shirts I have: the sleeves are longer, better made, and seem to last longer.  I don’t understand why they make larger sizes for women’s clothes with short little sleeves where your arms hang out.  I don’t like my arms hanging out.  I’ve never seen a man’s tee shirt with short little sleeves.

How does this item make me feel?  Sad, bad, or mad, out it goes.


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