WordPress has begun a 1,000 word blog challenge.  I have no doubt I can meet this but not at this very moment.  The picture inspiring this is in the tags.  It is of a little girl just sitting on a merry-go-round.

She’s sitting, thinking, waiting, a million different possibilities.  I know of only one park in my area that still has a merry-go-round and these were fixtures when I was a child.  Now as an adult I get dizzy and want to heave after going on one.

Where did these come from?  How long have they been a part of the playscape?  And why must now they begin to be removed slowly?  There was something freeing and exhilarating about them growing up.  A time to forget about the world for a few minutes.

I hate seeing the automated ones at some fast food places and hearing the awful music that goes with them.

I hope this little girl in the picture had her time and space and whatever she was doing there worked out.


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