What Academics?

I rode the ambulance last Saturday night.  It was busy.  I received a complementary email today that we received 14 calls in a six hour shift and the crews on handled them all.  I was on three of them.  

Coming back from one of the calls my partner and myself got into a long discussion.  We started talking about our lives outside of EMS. I’ve ridden with this person before and we’ve talked but this time the conversation took a different turn.  They were shocked to learn I’ve had some Master’s degree work and about some of the work I’ve done in the past.  The question was basically: what are you doing here?

Good question, fulfilling something I’ve wanted to do all my life.  I can’t and don’t want to do academics all the time.  I need the hands on and the different experience.

I know a lot of the time when I open my mouth I usually shock people, good or bad, with what comes out.  I’ve had people tell me they had a third party refer me because I know about something or know someone they should know.  They aren’t expecting me to come out with some of the life experiences I’ve had, the things I’ve done, the information I’ve garnered over the years.  Sometimes I hate talking academics because I know the other party feels overwhelmed, especially if they aren’t in the field.  I’m finding this now even with EMT: people call with a medical question or want to have their blood pressure checked and it’s a very, very long and personal conversation.

I’m into what needs to be helped.  I’l help you with what you need.  That’s what I’m good at.


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