Forget Romance, Let’s Dance

I have a few minutes so I’ll put in a post.  I haven’t done much the last few days.  It has been one of those weeks where you have to go with the flow.  Last night I was doing work for a client and realized there are many little things waiting for my attention.

These prompts always seem to pop up, ironically good or bad, when the subject comes up in my own life.  I actually have taught dance classes in the past.  I have many interesting and different records sitting in a closet that will be excavated when we finally move.  I came across an old dance costume recently while cleaning out clothes I don’t want anymore.  

I’ve always loved to dance.  I did take dance lessons as a child at a private home studio and have one of those cute pictures somewhere of me in the costume after the show.  Yet for some reason I stopped, I didn’t want to go back and now I can’t remember why.  I did pick it up again as an adult for a while.  I learned basic ballroom, swing, Lindy Hop, and Charleston, and bellydancing, but those have also lapsed due to various changes and constraints.  Now if I were to teach again, I would need a piece of paper to go along with it.

A conference I go to every year usually ends with a big dance party.  The people MCing usually do a great job mixing oldies and newer.  It is kind of funny to see people who weren’t even born in the 1980’s dancing to music I grew up with and knowing all of the words.  Yet the same could be said of music that’s older than I am.  I enjoy it because it’s a time just to get out there and dance, no one cares, throw yourself around, act wild, and scream your head off and no one can hear you and no one there cares.  It’s an awesome feeling to feel a floor shaking beneath you with everyone stomping around on it.


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