Happiness Day

I haven’t blogged in a long while.  The last few weeks have been very topsy-turvy and will continue to be so.  Two major life changes: one major loss and one major move under way.  The excess that I don’t want to carry with me is beginning to pile up on the curb, slowly.  

These changes being the second major shock to my system in two years, I know what is coming next and I already feel it: the mental pain manifesting itself physically.  People will say things to me and I forget who said them to me, things will be “lost”, and discussing algebra will come as a relief.  I’ve learned since the last time to keep a pocket notebook and make notes when talking to people.

I don’t want to be going through this again.  How much bigger my space already looks with the few things I’ve sent on to another place.

When I opened Facebook today and saw it was Happiness Day, I almost cried.  I am happy for what I have, sad for what I have lost.


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