My Own Challenges

Soccer and baseball were cancelled this past Saturday due to heavy rain.  There was a local municipality-wide clean up I could have gone to.  However, for once I broke with tradition and began going through my own home.  I went through the professional clothes I haven’t worn in a long while: out.  Why did I buy these?  Someone recommended I have a funeral suit. A woman picked this and a few other outfits I got rid of this morning.  I hope they wear better on her than they did on myself.  A lot of other clothes and other things I detested went out.  

The house feels much lighter.

During the wee hours this morning after coming from work, what did I do?  Cleaned off and cleaned out a few bookshelves.  Books I read years ago and have lost their meaning, their value, or have no relevance in my life any more.  Maybe they will for someone else. Out this afternoon.

The house feels much lighter.

This past month was supposed to be one of change.  The change or changes haven’t quite worked out as planned.  This month has been one of the worst as far as people saying nasty, degrading things to me.  It has felt like it is one person after another.  One woman asked when I had time to read books and then some-second lowest blow of my life and she still refuses to drop the subject-but now uses other people to continue to do so, another called me a whore in Spanish, found out some half-truths, who is paying off who, and I’ve really come to see who has my back and who doesn’t, especially with people I’ve known for a long time.  I have an attorney mad at me.  The patient who told me to go f— myself was actually one of the nicest remarks I’ve had recently.

And I still have two days to go.  And did I mention the house feels much lighter?




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