Let It Rain

Today is cold and pouring rain.  I drove the same trip three times, mostly highway, today for three different purposes.  I need a new windshield wiper,  Right now I’m praying this one hangs on until I can make the auto parts store.

The last couple of days I’ve watched as the azalea bush in front of my dining room window has gathered speed and the petals have opened and some bees have come.  Just beyond that the one hazelnut bush I could actually get to grow has been sprouting its’ leaves as well.  The tulips I planted at completely the wrong time are coming up now as the first daffodils that opened have either died off or are now beginning to fade.  I’m just hoping I can enjoy the tulips before the squirrels start munching on them.  Yet, as I have learned, the squirrels tend to snack when the tulips begin fading.

Spring is here, even if the weather and temperatures don’t reflect it yet.

Tonight one of my trips was being a guest speaker at a local college.  It was a business class and I talked about being a business owner: the challenges, the good and the bad.  One of the students there was a student I had many years ago when I was teaching adult ed before I started my business.  This is the third former student from that period in my life I’ve run into recently.  I gave them some advice which they followed through on and tonight they thanked me for.  

It’s one of those periods of few minutes, just like watching the flower petals open, that makes all the other times worth it.


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