I meant to write this a while back but was sidetracked.

Recently I met with someone who needed something typed.  They told me where to meet them. I knew where I was going but as usual was running five minutes later than I wanted to.  I had to make it up three flights of stairs to be on time.  After bounding up those three flights of stairs and gasping for breath, I was met at the top by a security guard asking if I was there for the presentation.

What presentation?  We were supposed to be hiding out from people.

The person met me outside the doorway.  The person and a few other people I didn’t know.  Inside a room I had only seen the doors to was an architect giving a presentation on local architecture, some of which could be seen right out of the windows from where everyone was standing.  The irony was the building that was currently on the screen both myself and the person I was meeting, we both know the building very well.  I’ve walked though the doors many times and learned many things I didn’t know about it before.

After the person showed me what they needed typed, they left and I went back to the presentation.  I stayed for another hour and a half.  I was hooked.  

By the end I also found out someone in the audience who I know casually actually lived on the same street as one of my significant other’s relatives many years ago and remembers the relative being talked about.

I’ve never really been bitten with the architecture bug.  I know some.  One of my college professors went through the Greek and Roman periods very thoroughly; I still have the book they used.  I find a lot of places fascinating and others just plain hideous. Sometimes I wonder who built something and why.  Sometimes I wonder why all the cool stuff is always knocked down.  

After the presentation by the architect, I understood something in a different way.  He sees the world in lines, squares, triangles, circles and form.  He pointed out things about buildings I never would have truly noticed with my own vision.  What fascinates him makes no impact on me save the cool details and historical significance.  Yet it also it gave me a new angle, no pun intended, on seeing the world: his angle of the world, one which I will have to try sometime.



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