Unread Letters

Someone whom I’ve known for years died yesterday afternoon.  She is the second person to die this spring, besides my father, who I have had a long term relationship with.  Yet even though, like many people, with many of my own life changes my relationship changed with them as well.  Things changed for them and things changed for me.

A few months ago she sent me back a letter I’d sent her eighteen/nineteen years ago.  It’s still sitting on my nightstand, I haven’t opened it because it may be too much right now.  I remember sending it to her: the person I once was.

Now I’m seeing a pattern: people feeling their bodies are betraying them begin the process of cleaning out.

She wrote and published, a good inspiration for me.  She overcame a lot physically and lost a child.  I’ve learned you always learn more about a person in death than in life.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to learn more yet she shared plenty.  That I know I can take.


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