The prompt for today is something or someone that has been lost and turn it into a three part series.  Ironic on the day I went to a funeral and realized that some of the things that were said about the person who dies could probably be easily said about myself.  I like to live my life to the fullest and always seek out people’s stories.  Those thoughts struck me.  And yet again a reminder you always find out more when someone dies about them than when they were living.  I love looking at the pictures that are put up but so sad I never had a chance to see them before.

The other ironic part is that this month marks a loss of trust, a loss of safety, a loss of privacy.  A loss of being.  The old Angela is forever gone.

This is the month two years ago I found out I had two neighbors spying on me: one because she doesn’t like my life decisions and she was using the drug dealer next door to spy on me and mine for her when she wasn’t home.  I have what I need in writing.  The police are aware of what’s going on. She said a member of my family is autistic and she has no degree or professional certification to make that call.  As a matter of fact, I believe she doesn’t have any type of certification at all.  She said plenty of other nasty things as well.

People have told me to drop it but I refuse.  Just like Maya Angelou, I will sit down and at some point put the whole ugly business on paper.

This woman, whom I entrusted my family member to, used them and my other family members against me.  Let me begin there.


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