Where to go?

If I could zoom anywhere right now, where would I go?

I told someone last week my ideal place would be somewhere where I could read, work, have a garden, and be near the ocean.  Maybe it is because they live right now the Sound and I wish I could be there more.

I grew up and live now near Long Island Sound.  Maybe it’s the Cancerian part of me, but I love the water.  I want to be near water, the sea, smell the sea.  I miss taking walks along the beach when I’m busy.  I love being down in marshes and lakes and ponds and rivers and streams.

I miss having a garden.  I paid for a plot and have already been “reprimanded” for letting it go; a family member has right now taken it over.  I haven’t had a chance to get to it.  I’m still trying to take care of my own yard first.  I worked on it a little before more rain came in.

In all, I am happy where I am right now and feel like I belong here, this is my piece of paradise.



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