Lost Again……

What would I find in a “lost and found” basket?

Some days I feel like I am a walking “lost and found” basket.  All you have to do is look in my car: books, jackets, sweaters, balls, water bottles….I never know what I’m going to find in there.  People have actually commented my car is a great place to scavenger hunt.

Then it comes to my living space.  I’ve been going on scavenger hunts looking for art supplies that have been “borrowed”, scraps of paper with phone numbers I need, books I know I have, manipulatives, puzzle pieces, etc.  I keep things in bags so I know I can find them, yet even that doesn’t work sometimes.  Recently I found an algebra book I was looking for in my car under my coaching bag for soccer.  I realized I’d pulled it out for a client and didn’t put it back with the other math books I have.

This is just my physical state of being.  Emotionally I’ve been looking for that “lost and found.”  I saw some flowering tobacco I seeded a few years ago struggling to come up in a spot of poor soil and I realized I had forgotten about it and haven’t ordered anymore from Turtle Tree Seed.  The bees would flock to it non-stop.  It’s a gorgeous flower.  I need to order more.  I’m glad the flowers came up to remind me.


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