Seven Little Numbers

I’m listening to the song of this name by BOY right now.  I love it, great song, upbeat, happy.

Summer is here.  Some commitments end, new ones are waiting, others continue.  The last couple of days have been a much needed breather as I continue to go through things.  Yesterday I gazed up at the sun through a tree with the breeze blowing.  It felt awesome.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  The last two days the weather has been perfect, even though today it is more humid.  Thunderstorms will be rolling in.

The last few weeks have also brought a new vantage on commitments and responsibilities and looking anew at my “bucket list.”  There’s a lot I want to do but other things need to happen first.  I looked over the “circle” I made for this year.  Some things have happened, some things have not.  I will get there.  Time is needed to separate the negative from the positive.  I actually had a conversation with someone last week whom I exchanged words with last year.  Short but professional and decent.  Grateful for that.


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