Render Unto Rome What is Rome’s

So on this rather blah weather wise Fourth of July there comes a discussion of taxes on a local “Ladies” group on Facebook that I’m part of. The person who started it was complaining about the additional $25, up to $400, the local sewer bill now is. This has been discussed for years. Anybody who has even been skimming local headlines would be aware of this.

We just received all our tax bills. Maybe they waited until July 4 weekend for everyone to have three days to calm down.

Well, it’s going to be fun over the weekend. Thanks to group forums, I guess everyone is going to be more riled up.

I’ve never had a problem paying taxes even if I know I won’t get or receive certain services. However, it really pisses me off when people say they don’t want to pay because they’re not. I never plan on using the fire department and if life doesn’t work well, I may never get to use the senior center. Yet I pay for them. I ride the ambulance for free and when I mentioned this, insurance was brought up. Insurance is but a tiny part of how the ambulance earns its survival.

Pay your taxes. I’ve worked for local government and I’ve seen how it runs. There is bureaucracy and waste and corruption everywhere, even in the places with low mill rates. If you want police, fire, EMS, clean water, paved roads, parks and recreation, social services, and the list goes on, pay your taxes. People leave because of taxes and always talk about places where taxes are lower. Taxes are lower but so are wages. People move and can’t return if they need to.

Give to Rome what is Rome’s.


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