Where are the bones?

     Last night’s episode of the TV show “Under the Dome” had a question put forth by one of the characters: Where are the bones? The necklace that needed to be found was but the bones weren’t around. Or will they be discovered later? Or was this meant to be a more metaphorical question?
My joke is that sometimes I feel like I’m living under a dome. I’m sitting here, typing, listening to the dogs bark next door. What they are barking at, I don’t know.
Do we all feel this way sometimes?
All of my reading about religion has served me well watching this show: the plague, raining blood, the talk of prophets, end-of-days, Big Jim with his God-complex, darkness covering the land. Now the concept of the bones. Maybe the show will end with the bones, just like with Ezekial in the Bible, being raised from the dead, so to speak, or maybe they already have been.
I know the dome is a metaphor. Its’ secrets are being slowly revealed and a lot of people will have to face their pasts. Every character is real: neither completely good nor completely bad, some conscience is left, or is there? I look at Big Jim. Having dealt with people like him, and who hasn’t, is he acting out of conscience or politics? Was the red rain really an epiphany? Yet it all goes back to the question: where are bones?
The bones, and where and with whom they are found, may reveal the reason for everything.



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