Thoughts on the way home…..

     I haven’t made a purl stitch in a while.  Last night I looked it up and started working on one.

     Grateful I can do this.

     Driving home at night is always an experience.  The tractor trailer trucks which come barreling seemingly way too fast, people speeding at speeds you didn’t know cars can go, and those slowpokes like me only going about ten over the speed limit, trying to stay within the main flow of traffic.

     I have always wondered where people are going ten o’clock at night.  

     When I get off shift for EMS, usually around 12:15 in the morning, there are always a few cars driving around.  Who are you and what are you doing?  Sometimes I pass a coworker or a police car but otherwise I wonder who is up and why.

     Just a few thoughts…..



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