There’s an old computer desk sitting out on my curb if anyone wants to come and take it.  This was today’s item to get out of the house.  Yesterday it was two floor mats we never used.

     These last seven/ eight weeks have been about cleaning out.  Garbage, recycling, and donation containers have stood by and been well used.  One more donation box is set to go.  Shoes that are too small, extra books, puzzles never touched or put together only once.  Everything that is moved, cleaned out, or tossed yields yet another surprise or something pushed to the side that has been completely forgotten about.  More often than not, the item or items get pitched into one of the containers as well.

     I don’t know how to say it any louder: I don’t want any more crap.  Clothes, shoes, necessities, okay, but no more junk.  I have a few purses sitting in a box.  I don’t use purses.  I hate them.  They will be gone through and donated as will the wallets I have never used.  Why are women’s wallets so big and men’s so small?  Men’s clothes have the bigger pockets and their wallets, for the most part, can remain somewhat hidden.  Why can’t women’s wallets be the same way?  I don’t need or want all of this stuff.  Some things I have tried to upcycle and those I can’t, I want out.  Other days I feel that for every piece I heave, something else makes it in.

     What will be tomorrow’s piece? Or will something else come in?





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