Talking about…..

I’m exhausted right now while I write this. We had quite a scare here earlier this evening, I will write more about it later. Some time out with an art opening, an outdoor music fest, and some old and new friends helped.

This morning I had a chance to share at a networking meeting what I do. It’s August, only a few people were there, and all of them I have met before. I talked about some of my clients and what I do to help them, the conversations I’ve had with parents, and some of the more heartbreaking times I’ve tried to help people but it doesn’t always work. I’m grateful for this chance because it is usually something I don’t get a chance to do.

One story I related, and as of right now I don’t have any follow-up, was a phone call I received from a woman whose son was in the process of having an IEP and the school district wanted to label him special needs because he wasn’t reading at 4, in preschool. Someone had given her my number, thank you if the person is reading this, and I spent two hours on the phone with her. She told me they were concerned because he wasn’t reading and that he needed to be ready for testing in Kindergarten. She had no idea that you are allowed to have someone with you, attorney or otherwise, for the IEP meeting and that you are allowed to record them. I told her to check the state’s statutes and laws.

We discussed the labeling aspect: pros and cons.

We discussed Michael Gurian and I recommended that she read his works. His books have been hugely helpful to me over the years in understanding and dealing with people not only academically but professionally as well.

We discussed how even if you learn to read at 4 or 14, everyone is at the same level by the time they are 18 years-old. Yes,some people never learn to full read and are functionally illiterate, and I know people in this situation and have worked with them and how it is heartbreaking. Yet the stress of having to read at 4…..

I wonder how she is doing. If you are reading this, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Talking about…..

  1. very often I’ve notice the board o education labeling kids and doctors medicating them for normal things kids do every day its a shame how kids that run and play or have to much energy are considered ADHD and get medicated
    my child last year could not sit still for a second running around jumping all over the house not doing his home work or chores when i ask him to, I am sorry although i wish he would do all thees things i believe its normal for a 9 year old, what i think is happening is that society is so pre-occupied with work that they have no time to take a child to the park to burn energy instead don’t drudging the child so they stay out of our way and don’t interfere with our daily responsibilities why don’t we educate them and spend time with them take them out doors so they don’t stay numbed in front of a tv and video game with friends that don’t even exist.


    • Best_mom,

      Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them!

      What you note is very true and unfortunately occurs over and over and over again all the time everywhere and everyday. What you describe is normal, perfectly normal, for a 9 year-old boy. You think along my lines exactly.

      Remember you have different options. Homeschooling is one of them. Please take your son outside everyday and let him run and be a child. My best regards and Happy Thanksgiving!


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