Louder Than Bells

I’ve been slacking here, I admit it. I get the daily reminders to blog but fall is in full gear. Too tired to even think some days. I’m also starting to see how much of a time suck some things are.

I’ve been reading the daily blogging ideas and have pondered some of them. Tell my life story in four minutes. Tell about someone walking into a room and say they were looking for you: how do you react? I read this one right after I introduced myself to someone I had never had a chance to formally introduce myself to and they said to me: “I know who you are.” Can you say creepy? What else do you know about me that you would like to share?

Okay, maybe too much “Under the Dome” and watching the trailers for all the new shows. Stalkers? I have someone trying to friend me on Facebook and have no clue who they are and they have no connections to me, that I know-or maybe don’t want to know- about. When they answer how they know me, maybe I’ll think about it for a nanosecond: no.

Chrome is not working on my computer. I think I filled the limit for page favorites…but there is so much out on the Internet to read. Next problem to figure out…..


One thought on “Louder Than Bells

  1. Hi Ange, I can relate to what you said in this blog about some people seem to know you even though you haven’t met. Somehow your reputation goes before you. I have experienced that before, too. If I’m not mistaken, you are “out there” in so many ways. You speak up, you are confident, self-assured, and involved with your family activities, and in the community, so others may have heard your name, or seen you, in those contexts. I would see this as a positive thing, more than creepy, at least in your microcosm. On Facebook, I would be careful. I think it is great that you speak out when you see an injustice, or see that something needs to change in your community. More power to you.


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