What would you do…….

Okay, so I haven’t blogged in about a month. A lot going on and some days not feeling the spirit.

The question is: what does inequality mean to you and have you ever encountered it in your life?

I feel like I’m applying to go back to college.

Let me walk you through my day, my life and work experiences…..dealing with people whom the system has “lost” and are now trying to claw their way up to a better future. Dealing with bureaucrats, who will revenge you calling them out on something, by ignoring you and making you look like the fool. Eight hours a day with nice benefits and what do you do all day?

Inequality: one street paved, the next street over not paved, one person getting favors and another doesn’t, white/black, red/green, better side of town, worse side of town, red-lining…..the list can continue for pages.

Our local councilman promised our street was going to be paved. This year. Never happened. We did get sidewalks fixed. Or was that before he was in office or simply the municipality doing its’ job?

Inequality is not being able to read. Inequality is not being given the skills to survive. Inequality is having someone not talk to you because your breast tissue is much bigger than theirs. Inequality is someone having a Louis Vittion purse and free medical care and free food and free rent while you wish someone would just cut you some slack about the next home you want to purchase. Do they know I am paying for them to eat?


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