Missing Buttons

One of my coworkers lost a button.  It’s sitting on the table next to me.

Two weeks and I still feel like I’m in some sort of long-term jet lag.  Box by box we are going through things.  First this thing is missing, than that.  Most of what we can’t find has more sentimental value than anything else.  We know we took that something down but can’t find it now.

More bags of garbage going out.  It’s garbage now, no chance we will ever use it anymore.  We’re never going back except to collect the rent to a house we can’t sell.  My significant other went today and said that our tenant has painted and fixed up things we wanted to, or we tried, but after the crap hit the fan two years ago, had no impetus to.  My significant other is hoping with all the repairs, we will have a better chance of selling.

I still miss my apple trees, I wonder where all the bees will go now.  Our tenant took down all the forsynthia and other bee friendly plants I planted.  I hope they are able to find food somewhere else nearby.

We notice the squirrels in our new area look a lot fatter than our old area.  Good or bad sign, we’re not sure.

Second shift I’m sitting here, nothing happening.  Getting dressed up for a party where I’m not needed right now.

Two hours to go.


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