The new year, a few days late

I gave up on New Year resolutions a long time ago. If something needs to change, you will change it or begin the process of changing it. It doesn’t matter the date.
Someone I know from growing up is now a well-known attorney posted something of note one day a while back: goals are for losers, people who succeed follow a system. I haven’t looked at things the same since.
Part of the system for this and my business if 365 of these posts, even if I do ten in one day. One a day, great. Realistic? Not always. 365 at some point? Yes. I’ve noticed even some of the most popular and well-known people I subscribe to don’t post everyday. I know from previous experience the creative juices don’t and aren’t going to flow everyday or some days I may not have anything of note or that I wish to share. I’m doing my usual reading two, or is it three, books right now. I need to digest everything, sort it out.
Wishing you a great day! Angela


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