Problems to solve

This is from a writer’s group I attended last week. The prompt was a problem you need solved. We each wrote on a piece of paper, folded it, and then picked someone else’s. The one I picked was: letting go of an old lover.

My response:

Go different places. Find different peer groups. Find different hobbies.

I understand this.

Acknowledge the relationship yet the key is to find new and different relationships. Find someone or something else to think about.

What do you like to do? Change something.

Stop going to the places you went together for a while.

People always say it is easy but it is not. I understand.

Make a list everyday of your schedule. Different activities, different things to do. There is always something else to do, some sort of positive distraction.

Write thank you notes to people who have helped you. Write New Year cards. Start making a list of other people you know. Find a class to take. Find a project to finish. Find someone to help. Write letters to politicians.

What makes you happy? Who in your lief is a positive influence?

There are no easy answers to this conundrum. The two best words are: new and distraction.

Find some part of your life that is missing or empty or void and fill that void.

Remind other people that you exist. Maybe mend some other broken relationships.


One thought on “Problems to solve

  1. Hi Ange, A lot of what you wrote can be applied to advice for folks who have had to move away from friends, or for some reason they’ve lost a friendship, lost a job, etc, etc. Distraction helps a lot. These are great suggestions.

    I wanted to ask you if you are holding on to all the material in your blogs. Maybe someday you can put it into a book form.

    Hoping you and your family are well. We look forward to whenever you decide to come south. Hugs, Jeanne


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