Syllabus for Low-Level/ Beginner, Beginner/Beginner (English vocabulary of 0 to 250/300 words) @Angela Capinera

(Based on ten week session, 2 to 3 hours)

Week 1: Alphabet, Alphabet Sounds, Numbers, Name, Personal Geography, family/relationships, basic time greetings, begin time/numbers if time, introduce “to be”

Week 2: Numbers, time, counting, calendars, banking/money/financial transactions, household bills (prepositions)

Week 3: Review “to be”, in/on relating to calendar if needed, basic introductions, additional family relationships, begin basic anatomy

Week 4: Begin/continue basic anatomy, medical, doctor, introduction to 5 W’s/How

Week 5: Shopping: food, store vocabulary, recipes, food

Week 6: Shopping: clothes, sizes, asking for help

Week 7: Work: Transportation/types of transportation, schedules, getting around/cars/car parts

Week 8: Maps, directions/asking for directions, maps, Internet, animals/pets (intro for next week)

Week 9: House/rooms vocabulary, common household problems, asking for help, types of service, landlord questions/asking for help with problems

Week 10: Focus on verbs, introducing other parts of grammar

High Beginner (250/300 words up to 850)@Angela Capinera
Based on 10 week course using Side-by-Side Level 1

Week 1: Review Alphabet, vocabulary, verbs: be and do, numbers, time, calendar

Week 2: Chapters 1 and 2: Information, Introductions, classroom, house, locations

Week 3: Chapters 3 and 4: Present Continuous, build on “to be” yes/no questions, introduce possessive adjectives

Week 4: Chapters 5 and 6: continue “to be”, adjectives, possessive nouns, present continuous, prepositions, singular/plural, there is/are

Week 5: Chapters 8 and 9: continuation from previous week, shopping/clothes, review simple present

Week 6: Chapters 9 and 10: continue simple present/ questions

Week 7: Chapters 11 and 12: object pronouns, irregular simple present, verb: to have, adverbs

Week 8: Chapters 13 and 14: Verbs: Can, Have To, future verbs

Week 9: Chapters 15 and 16: Past Tense- regular, irregular

Week 10: continue previous week


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