Book Review: “Better Nate Than Never”

Don’t read this book if you hate Broadway, theater in general, or hate people who are homosexuals. It’s not for you.

I even went in search of the movie “E.T” after reading this book and watched it for the first time as an adult. After seeing the movie, the connections Mr. Federle makes in the book are awesome. Both of these works of art are not politically correct and that is what makes the book awesome.

I give Nate a lot of credit. The idea of catching a bus with only a few dollars in your pocket and being stranded in Gotham is a scary thought, even for an adult. Yet as anyone who has dreams knows, blessed are the risk takers.

Glad I found this book and glad to hear the reality that dreams must be gotten by a challenge. Great book for the ten and over set, maybe nine based on maturity and if sexuality is a comfortable topic to talk about or has already been addressed.

I am also looking forward to reading the companion book.


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