Book Review: “Queen Esther the Morning Star” by Mordicai Gerstein

Okay, so my family member picked this book up based on the cover. The illustrations are very eye-catching, full of different shades of colors, and very different from what you see in other children’s books.

The book tells the story of Queen Esther and the the story behind the Jewish holiday of Purim, or “lots.”

Trivia: The Book of Esther is in the Bible does not mention God at all.

Trivia: Esther means Venus, just like the Greek goddess and the morning star.

The Book of Esther tells how Esther is chosen because of her beauty to be the king’s new wife yet she does not reveal her identity until caught between a rock and hard place where she must choose her life or that of saving the Jewish people.

Purim usually occurs in March. The Jewish holiday cycle is based on the lunar, or moon cycle. Purim coincides with the full moon in March, usually, and is the Jewish “Mardi Gras” in many ways. It is also a reminder that spring is also almost in full bloom and even when evil seems to always triumph, the good somewhere will win out and that good and evil begins with individuals and will end that way as well.


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