Book Review: Thomas Jefferson’s Creme Brulee by Thomas J. Craughwell

Okay, I admit, until reading this book I had heard about Creme Brulee but I had no clue about what it is.

I also had no clue that Macaroni and Cheese originated in France.

I also had no idea that Thomas Jefferson, even though ambassador to France, could not speak French.  Jefferson also smuggled rice, studied agriculture, tried to cultivate grapes……wow.

I also admit I am going through a big American history phase right now.  I’m reading two other books on American history: one about Abigail Adams and the other about the women of Washington, D.C.  (More on these later when I finish them.)

This book could also be subtitled: a small history of the underbelly of American history and what deals Jefferson made with people and a little more about who Jefferson really was.  Also, how long it really took to travel.

“Reading” this on audio while driving around also made me hungry: hungry for creme brulee, macaroni and cheese (not the boxed kind either), and more knowledge.


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