A New Adventure

You have to look at life as an adventure.  Life is an adventure right down to the nitty gritty stuff.

Yesterday my ignition switch broke on my thirteen year-old car.  Right now it is sitting outside, battery cut off while we figure out what we are going to do.  I called the mechanic I’ve gone to for years twice and the second time, after I watched about forty-five minutes of videos on YouTube and read websites online, knew generally what I am looking at, he said to me that he didn’t know what I was talking about and to start it is going to cost five hundred dollars to fix.

Um, no.

I know the part, if I can get it, will cost me around $125.  Plus I need the right tools to do it.

Yesterday I actually popped my hood and opened small areas of my car I have never thought about before.  Thirteen years and it has never occurred to me how much actually surrounds me while I am driving.  Everything was quite an eye opener.

If I can’t fix it or can’t find someone else who would want to fix it, I know I am going to enter a world I know little about.  Do I take it apart, piece-by-piece, and use it as a learning tool for myself and others?  Do I donate it? Scrap it?  I want the Blue Book value so I can use the money towards another car.

To those of you there reading this, thoughts, suggestions?  You silently read this.  What knowledge are you holding in that silence?


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