Seize what you may…..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

This is one word I don’t like and one word when I teach it, it can be very difficult to explain.  It says help is needed but not available.  Or is that true?

Powerless is a better word. Power comes in all shapes and sizes and situations.

Three years ago I requested medical records be transferred and I receive a copy.  Under State law they have to be sent in two weeks.

They came nine months later.

Did I feel helpless or powerless? No.  I understood this was retaliation for going to the competition.  The office manager wanted to charge me over sixty dollars for copies, again, illegal.  I said fine and nine months later with no bill they arrived.

I use this as an example of understand what and who you are dealing with.  My car breaks, I deal.

Help yourself. Give yourself the power. Stand up for yourself.  Then helpless is not in your vocabulary.


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