Missing the Blue Planet….

This is from a prompt….

I caught about twenty five minutes of a local radio segment today about Sir Isaac Newton. Remember him? One of the many people we learned about in school.  One of the many people whose pictures are of someone in a big, white wig.  Then the immortal story of how he discovered gravity when an apple hit him on the head.

Well, even in the twenty-five minutes, the person discussing him shared a lot more about him.

Newton didn’t have it easy and ended up having a God-complex.  Yet he invented calculus and self-studied and self-learned.

If I lived on Mars, I would miss little “aha” moments like this.

I would miss sitting in my car, the sun shining, birds flying past my windshield, the sky blue, trees whistling softly in the little wind, listening to someone share their knowledge about a person my education didn’t teach me about.

I would miss the seasons, the full moon and its’ awesome glow.

I would miss the radio programs.

Heck, I would miss gravity and then would have to relearn another type of gravity all together without an apple tree to help me.

I’ll stay.


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