Strolling along….

I want life to go exactly as it is going now.  Listening to some blues, typing this out.  The sun is shining, sky is blue.

Fun times always go fast.  Quiet afternoons always seem to go fast.  Intense sports games always go fast.  Having a great class always goes fast.

Times from hell always seem to slow down.  Work shifts from hell always seem to slow down.

Time is marked but time is also a very big perception.  Humans have always had the need to mark time.

I just want to live life the way it is.  I don’t want to wish time away or waste time because I only have that time once.  I’ll never get it back.



4 thoughts on “Strolling along….

  1. So true, that we never get the time back. We are always moving ahead. Your message is a good one, to enjoy the moments we have. I try to remember that, especially when external things begin to weigh me down. Always trying to enjoy the sunshine, blue sky, buds on the trees. There is good to come and I want to focus on that, not the negativity that is out there as well.

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